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Easy Chords

Hi and welcome to easy chords! Here you're going to be seeing pretty much everything you need to know about playing chords on the guitar or piano. It's illustrated throughout, and completely free! From basic to advanced, simple major chords to the more unusual ones like Ebm, you'll find them all here!

Basic Chords for the piano
On this home page, you'll find links down the right-hand side to all the basic major and minor chords on the piano. The videos explain how the chords are played, and also show suitable fingering for each chord.


If you're fairly new to the instrument, I suggest you try learning C, F, G and Am (all chords with just white keys) to begin with, and then have a go at some basic songs with these simple chords in.

Basic Chords for the guitar

The next section - easy guitar chords - works through the chords in a similiar fashion, this time with the guitarist in mind. There's also some suggested songs to try out, and an explanation of guitar symbols and fingering. Happy learning!

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Chord Theory

The chord theory section of the site is all about how chords are put together. It's good to be able to learn different chord shapes from memory, but it's even better if you understand how the chord is actually constructed. For example, say you know how to play Cm7, but what about F#m7? This section will teach you how put a minor chord together, and then how to add the minor seventh. Or a sixth, or a ninth, or a sus4 etc etc! As with the other sections, there's lots of examples and diagrams to help you on your way.



basic major chords

C piano chord C# piano chord D piano chord Eb piano chord E piano chord F piano chord F# piano chord G piano chord G# piano chord A piano chord Bb piano chord B piano chord



basic minor chords
Cm piano chord C#m piano chord Dm piano chord Ebm piano chord Em piano chord Fm piano chord F#m piano chord Gm piano chord G#m piano chord Am piano chord Bbm piano chord Bm piano chord
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