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Easy Guitar Chords

The aim of this section is to demonstrate all the basic major and minor chords on the guitar. The chords are illustrated by diagrams and symbols, together with suggested fingering.

guitar strings

Key to guitar symbols

If you're new to playing the guitar, you'll need to take a note of the diagram opposite to begin with. It explains what all the symbols mean that you encounter in the guitar chord pages opposite.

- the names of the strings

The string on the furthest right in the diagram is the high E string. This is known as the "top" string - as you hold the guitar to play it, this is the one nearest the ground. Often, people mistakenly think (and with good reason!) that this is the "bottom" string. The "bottom" string on the guitar is actually the low E string (that's the one that is the fatest!)

explanation of guitar symbols


For the beginner

If you're a newcomer to the guitar, you may wish to try to learn G major, D major and C major. These three easy chords then make playing a number of songs possible, such as "Happy Birthday". Then try learning A minor, and you'll find that you know the chords necessary to play "Knocking on Heavens Door " (by Bob Dylan).

For some one more experienced
If you're a little more experienced with chords, then why not check out some more tricky chords, such as Eb, Bb and Fm. Then see if you can play "Dancing In The Moonlight" without using the easier ones mentioned.

basic major chords
C guitar chord C# guitar chord D guitar chord Eb guitar chord E guitar chord F guitar chord F# guitar chord G guitar chord G# guitar chord A guitar chord Bb guitar chord B guitar chord



basic minor chords
Cm guitar chord C#m guitar chord Dm guitar chord Ebm guitar chord Em guitar chord Fm guitar chord F#m guitar chord Gm guitar chord G#m guitar chord Am guitar chord Bbm guitar chord Bm guitar chord

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