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Happy Birthday Chords

Free lesson on how to play the "Happy Birthday" song (with the guitar and piano chords)

There can be few people in the western world who have not either sung this song, or had it sung to them! The Happy Birthday song is the most widely recognised song in the english language (according to the Guinness Book of Records). As such, it is a useful one to be able to play and sing at family occassions and gatherings.

"Happy Birthday" can be sung in a number of keys. On this page there are two musical versions of the chords of Happy Birthday - one in the key of G (here's the link to the pdf of Happy Birthday for printing out), and another in F major (again, with a printable pdf). Happy Birthday in G major will present few problems on the guitar or piano. Note that the melody starts on a 'D', you will be singing an 'E' note when the first chord is struck (a note not present in the chord). So when you've lit the candles on the cake you should be all ready to go with the song!

Here's Happy Birthday with the words and chords in the key of G:-

Happy Birthday (in G)
    G   D                    
  Happy Birthday to you
    D   G                    
  Happy Birthday to you
    G/B     C                  
  Happy Birthday dear ............
    G D G                    
  Happy Birthday to you
The Happy Birthday song is often sung in F major. Here the chords are more difficult for the guitar. It's pitched slighty lower and may suite your voice more. Here the first note sung is a "C", moving to a "D" on the first chord.
Happy Birthday (in F)
    F   C                    
  Happy Birthday to you
    C   F                    
  Happy Birthday to you
    F/A     Bb                  
  Happy Birthday dear ............
    F C F                    
  Happy Birthday to you

Of course you could always start the song in F, and then sing it again up a tone in G. Now that would be really impressive!

Happy Birthday in D major

For those of use who prefer to pitch much lower, 'Happy Birthday' can also be played in D major. Here the chords would be in this order:-

D A A D D/F# G D A D (first notes in the Happy Birthday tune here are A A B A (with the B in melody falling on the first D chord. If you are playing this on the guitar, it's possible to pitch the first note by playing the open A note - the fifth string - on the instrument).

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