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Chord Theory

The theory behind the construction of chords. From how to work out simple major and minor chords, to more complex four-note triads, including 7 chords (eg. Cm7, Cmaj7), 9 chords (eg. Dm9) and sus chords.

major chords (eg. A, A major) minor chords (eg. Em. E minor or E min) 2 chords (eg. D2 or Dsus2) 4 chords (eg. E4 or Esus4) 5 chords (eg. F5, power or open chords) 6 chords (eg. C6) 7 chords (eg. G7, Gmin7 or Gmaj7) 9 chords (eg. A9 or Aadd9) 11 chords (eg. B11 or Badd11) augmented chords (eg. Faug or F+) diminished chords (eg. Ddim or D0) flat chords (eg. Eb or Gb) sharp chords (eg. F# or C#) chord inversions (eg. E/B or E/G#)



Easy Piano Chords

Basic chords for the piano. This section includes "how to" video demonstrations on playing chords such as F major and A minor. Included in the films are the fingering used in the chords, the notation of the triads, and the notes used.

basic major chords

Easy Guitar Chords

This section is aimed at the beginner on the guitar, or a musician how perhaps has been playing for a while but needs a fresher on some of the less used chords such as G# minor and C# major. Illustrated with "how to" videos and diagrams.

basic major chords
C guitar chord C# guitar chord D guitar chord Eb guitar chord E guitar chord F guitar chord F# guitar chord G guitar chord G# guitar chord A guitar chord Bb guitar chord B guitar chord
basic minor chords
Cm guitar chord C#m guitar chord Dm guitar chord Ebm guitar chord Em guitar chord Fm guitar chord F#m guitar chord Gm guitar chord G#m guitar chord Am guitar chord Bbm guitar chord Bm guitar chord

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